In 2011, we took our first trip to the Dominican Republic to help build a house for a deserving family, never imagining how it would change our lives. Not only did we build a house, we found a home.      


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"Jeff and I started our journey in May 2011, when we travelled to the DR for a home building trip.  We were welcomed to the small village of Don Gregorio with smiles and hugs.  While helping with the build, we learned of the large number of children who were not able to attend school.  We saw, first hand, the impact this had on the children and the village as a whole.  We decided it was something we could change."

-Jennifer Falk

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September 2013 Trip

September 2013 Trip

"In September of 2013, I travelled to Don Gregorio to deliver on a promise that Jen and I had made the previous spring.  We had purchased school supplies here in the States and I travelled with 200 pounds worth all the way to Don Gregorio.   This was just the first of what we hope will be many such trips."

-Jeff Falk

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 Our goal is help more children access an education, to grow up with dreams and ideas, and have the tools to accomplish them.  Our future projects include creating a scholarship program for the YMCA schools to give financial assistance to families in need, provide support and supplies for existing schools, and support projects that help to stabilize the communities in this area of the DR.

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